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FreeWare Audio SoftWare.

Listed on this page are links to FREEWARE Audio Software Suppliers for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and NT4.x. Note that all the Software links here are to genuine FREEWARE Software Suppliers - not demos or shareware. If any of the links are broken or you know of an update, please let me know,
Sonique - SONIQUE: The Ultimate Audio Player. Sonique is the Web's hottest media and MP3 player. It features support for all the latest audio formats, a killer user interface, customizable skins and visuals, and built-in access to music resources on the Web. Hi-tech and award-winning design
WinAmp (FreeWare) - Nullsoft Winamp is the ultimate high-fidelity music player for Windows 95/98/NT. Winamp supports MP3, CD and other audio formats, more than 20,000 skins and 150 audio visualization and effect plug-ins. Winamp is freeware.
Quintessential MP3 Player - QCD brings the user a huge arsenal of quality features, and uses simplicity as its decoy. QCD is truly the most unique player available. Supports MP3, CD Audio, Vorbis, WAV, and streaming audio including SHOUTcast. Version 3 brings Quintessential Player to the next level. I like to relate QCD v3 to Quake3, everything you hated about 2 is gone, and everything you love from 1 is back. It's Faster, has better graphics/plug-ins, etc etc... trust me, its a lot better. The best part, its FREEWARE. Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
MusicMatch Jukebox MP3 Player - Find, record and play MP3s with one of the only free players that comes with CD-quality MP3 recording.
PowerPlay - PowerPlay is a free feature-rich audio CD player for Windows 95/98/NT. Features include retrieving disc and track titles from FreeDB internet database, multiple drive support, disc statistics, exporting database, full uninstallation and much more. Windows 95/98/NT Full CDDB support for retrieving disc and track titles from the net Submit new discs to CDDB Exporting database with custom templates Direct weblinks to online shops and information databases Database explorer Fully configurable layout schemes Support for multiple drives Volume control, introplay, playlists... Album statistics Logging of inserted discs Autorun support System tray controls Full customization of all features Easy uninstall Freeware!
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