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FreeWare Business SoftWare.

Listed on this page are links to FREEWARE Business Software Suppliers for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and NT4.x. Note that all the Software links here are to genuine FREEWARE Software Suppliers - not demos or shareware. If any of the links are broken or you know of an update, please let me know,
CallCenter - CallCenter is a FREE 32-bit, integrated fax, voicemail and data communications application with a simple to use interface providing fax send and receive functionality, basic (single mailbox) answering machine capability, and sophistcated data communications. General: It's FREE! Integrated phonebook and communication log Intuitive, easy to use graphical user interface Support for most analog modems Fax: Send, Receive and Print Supports Class1, Class2 and Class2.0 fax protocols Print-to-fax from any Windows application that can print Sends/receives faxes seamlessly in the background VoiceMail: Record and playback messages using local telephone handset Wave file record and playback support for most modems Functionality similar to a simple answering machine
Currency Converter 2 - The Currency Converter 2 is a freeware program to convert between over 200 currencies. You can keep all the exchange rates up-to-date by using the one-button Internet Update-function (with proxy support) to load the Exchange Rates from the Internet. It requires Win95 with IE4+, or any newer Microsoft Windows operating system.
Star Office - Sun's Star Office is a powerful FREEWARE office productivity suite. StarOffice software combines word processing, spreadsheet, graphic design, presentation, HTML editing, e-mail, news reader, scheduling, and database functions in a single environment. Plus, all StarOffice applications work with each other, so you can get your work done faster. Want to import a graphic image into your spreadsheet? Find the correct file, copy the image, and paste it into the correct document -- all without opening a separate application. It's that easy.
Check Printer REMOVED: NO LONER FREEWARE - Check printing freeware. This program prints: payee, amount, word amount, date, memo, signature and extra info (i.e. DL# or phone#) onto a personal check. Only the standard checkbook checks are supported (6 x 2.75). Built in Layout Editor enables support for wide range of printers and checkbook check layouts. Sample check layout is included. Check Printer is free for all home users in US, Canada and UK.
BigEasy Investor FreeWare - BigEasy Investor is a free, easy-to-use stock screening, charting and Web research application that helps novice and advanced investors locate and research potential investment opportunities.
ESBCalc Freeware Scientific Calculator - ESBCalc v1.8.1 - (545 kb - 4 Oct 2000) ESBCalc is a Freeware Scientific Calculator with Infix Notation, Brackets, Scientific Functions, Memory, Result History List and more. And it includes Delphi 4/5 Source for those interested (LMD Tools 5 is required to rebuild it). Now includes customising of the Colour used and customising how the Hints (ToolTips) appear.
1PM Project Management - 1PM is a simple project management tool for any type of small business. This software is entirely FREE. Through the simple user interface you can create any number of projects each with major activities and actions. Each level of the project tree can contain objectives, start date, end date, team members, notes and % of completion. You can track time and costs for all levels in a roject. Reports include: Time Line, Project Detail, Project Layout, Time Sheets and Cost Sheets. The software is multi-lingual English, French and Spanish. Documentation is English only. - NOTE: Link for this FREEWARE is broken, and removede.
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