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FreeWare Text Editor SoftWare.

Listed on this page are links to FREEWARE Text Editor Software Suppliers for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and NT4.x. Note that all the Software links here are to genuine FREEWARE Software Suppliers - not demos or shareware. If any of the links are broken or you know of an update, please let me know,

FREEWARE Windows Text Editors and Notepad Software

NoteTab Light - The ultimate free Notepad replacement and a handy HTML editor. Handle a heap of files with a simple tabbed interface. Search files, strip HTML tags and format text quickly. Formerly called "Super NoteTab". 100% freeware -- no ads and no nags. NoteTab is a leading-edge text and HTML editor. Winner of top shareware industry awards in 1998 and 1999, this elegant application does it all: handle a stack of huge files with ease, format your text to your heart's content, use a spell-checker and thesaurus, and perform system-wide searches and multi-line global replacements. Build document templates, add bookmarks, convert text to HTML on the fly, and take charge of your code with a bunch of handy HTML tools. Use a simple, power-packed scripting language to create anything from a text macro to a mini-application. FREEWARE FILE.
SynEdit - SynEdit is a Freeware 32-bit text editor for Windows 95/98/NT4. It offers many powerful features for web page authors and programmers, and supports a good subset of the features found in shareware and commercial programs. SynEdit provides you with drag and drop file access, opens files of nearly unlimited size, and you can have over 255 files open at once in a tabbed workspace. It also features a highly functional built-in hex editor for editing binary files word-processor style. Additionally, SynEdit provides support for project/workspace saving and restoration, as well as supporting any command-line compiler or viewer that can be operated from the command-line. Other features include cliptext libraries for commonly used keywords and phrases, a floating HTML taglist, keyword autocompletion and a convenient file browser for quickly navigating the directory tree to open files. FREEWARE FILE.
TK8 EasyNote freeware notes software - TK8 EasyNote freeware notes software - TK8 EasyNote is freeware program to put notes on your desktop. You do not need to waste your money for buying old paper-stickies any more. Packed with useful features, TK8 post it notes software is a far better solution than normal 'stickies' on your monitor. TK8 desktop post-it notes are very easy to use and they have features the real 'stickies' have not. For example you can hide the notes temporarily when you need the full desktop area and show them again when you need them. Quickly. You can also change the size and position of every note and set different priorities to them. It means different fonts and colors, even more. The good news is that you can use this software absolutely free. Forever. FREEWARE FILE.
EditPad Lite - EditPad Lite is a general-purpose text editor, designed to be small and compact, yet offer all the functionality you expect from a basic text editor. EditPad Lite works with Windows 95, NT4, 98, 2000, ME and XP. The Linux version is available separately. EditPad Lite is free for non-commercial use. FREEWARE FILE.
TextMaestro Freeware Text Editor - TextMaestro Freeware Text Editor - Text Maestro is a powerful, versatile new tool for handling, formatting, and converting any type of text. Chances are that, sooner or later, you will need to convert text from one form to another, and you will want to do it without the laborious repetitive formatting tasks. This is when you will need Text Maestro. If you often work from home on codes and documents which are hosted on a remote system, TextMaestro Auto-sync is your best friend. FREEWARE FILE.
Stickies - Stickies is a PC utility to cut down on the number of Post-It notes stuck to your monitor. It is a computerised version of those notes. The idea behind Stickies is that the program is small and simple. Stickies will not mess with your system files, or write to the registry. Stickies stores all information in a single text-based ini file. The program is written in Microsoft Visual C++. They are instead yellow rectangular windows onto which you can put some notes. Once created, they will stay on screen until you take them away. Just like a real sticky piece of paper. Main features: Once on screen, stickies will remain where placed until closed, even through reboots Stickies appearance can be customised; fonts, colours and buttons may be changed, and styles saved. Stickies can be resized horizontally. Languages other than English for the interface are also supported. Stickies can be transferred from one machine to another either over a TCP/IP network connection, or by using a SMTP mail server: Hierarchical friends list, which may be automatically transferred from other friends WAV file play/PC speaker beep on receive Signature for transmitted or emailed stickies Favourite friends can be chosen Stickies can be hidden (sent to sleep!) for a certain period, until a specified date and time, or to wake every day, week or month, to act as reminders International language support Save to file/Import from file, to transfer stickies by removable media Stickies is small and simple, it writes to a single text file, and does not touch the registry. ...and Stickies is completely free. FREEWARE FILE.
Fast Note - Fast Note is an useful program, thought for those people that ALWAYS need a little piece of paper to write to some useful infos when they're sit down near their PC. The program will put an icon in the task-bar, and, with a simple click of your mouse, you can write down the precious info that, if you want, will be always visible on the desktop. You can have various KFN windows opened simultaneously, all reduceable by user's demand. And when you have finished, you can delete (forever) or close (momentaneously) the note. Very simple! It has also a todo list manager, useful for busy people :) System requirements: CPU: Pentium 100mhz, RAM: 10 MB, Windows 9x / ME / 2K / XP or Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3, 1.5 MB of hard drive space. FREEWARE FILE.
NotesPad Text Editor for Windows - Freeware replacement for the Windows Notepad. Offers hugely increased funtionality. A great freeware text editor. FREEWARE FILE.
Freeware Writing Software for Authors - ScriptMaker is a tool for script-writers and directors, free script writing software. SLang is a story-creation tool, primarily of interest to writers. Storyboard Tools is an organizational tool, primarily of interest to directors. FREEWARE FILE.
Win32Pad 1.0.13 - Win32Pad 1.0.13 - my notepad replacement. (FREEWARE). It's very small in size (28k), doesn't require any runtime dlls (except riched20.dll). It's very fast and powerful. Has a ton of features that you would expect (MRUs, Find/Replace, Intellimouse support, shows current location, # of lines, file offset, file size, Goto Line #, Shows Insert/Overwrite editing mode, Can change Font Color/Size/Character set/etc..) FREEWARE FILE.
WordWeb FREE Dictionary and Thesaurus for Windows - WordWeb, the free thesaurus and dictionary for Windows. WordWeb is a powerful free English thesaurus and dictionary. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world use this top-rated software. Features include: Definitions and synonyms, Proper nouns, Related words 120, 000 root words, 100, 000 synonym sets, Link up to MS Word. The program's quick and easy to use. FREEWARE FILE.
AbiWord - The Open Source, Cross-Platform Word Processor. AbiWord is a lean and fast full-featured word processor. It works on Windows and most Unix Systems. It is safe and easy to download and install. Features include: Basic character formatting (bold, underline, italics, etc.) Paragraph alignment Spell-check Import of Word97 and RTF documents Export to RTF, Text, HTML, and LaTeX formats Interactive rulers and tabs Styles Unlimited undo/redo Multiple column control Widow/orphan control Find/Replace Images. FREEWARE FILE.
Prolix Text Editor - Prolix is a popular Windows text editor with 16-bit and 32-bit versions. It features a clean, intuitive, easy-to-use interface, a speedbar, context sensitive right-click menus, and visible bookmarks. Prolix is an MDI (multiple document interface) application, so it can open many files at once. Unlike many Windows applications, Prolix doesn't modify any of your system files. For private, non-commercial use, Prolix is and always will be completely free. FREEWARE FILE.
PFE - Programmers File Editor - The final release of PFE is version 1.01, which is available in versions for Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows 3.1x. It's available from a number of major archive sites. Progammers File Editor is a large-capacity, multi-file editor. Although it's primarily oriented towards program developers and contains features like the ability to run compilers and development applications, it is a good general purpose editor. Link is to Download.Com which offers further information and download of this popular freeware text editor. FREEWARE FILE.
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