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FreeWare Voice Chat SoftWare.

Listed on this page are links to FREEWARE Voice and Chat Software Suppliers offering free downloads for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and NT4.x. Note that all the Software links here are to genuine FREEWARE Software Suppliers - not demos or shareware. If any of the links are broken or you know of an update, please let me know,

FREEWARE Windows Voice and Chat Software

MSN Messenger - MSN Messenger instant communication software, voice and video. Features: Send instant messages to anyone on your contact list, See when your friends are online, Share photos and files easily, Use expressive emoticons to quickly communicate your mood, Page a contact's mobile phone, Make worldwide phone calls, Receive MSN Alerts about local traffic, news, weather, sports, & travel, Find out instantly that you have new e-mail in your Hotmail inbox. FREEWARE FILE.
Yahoo! Free Messenger Software - Yahoo! Free Messenger Software. Yahoo! is one of the big players in the free instant messaging arena. A well-developed and tried and tested online messaging service allows you to: Voice chat, video conferencing, instant messaging, text messaging, buddies lists, send and receive files and photos and more. FREEWARE FILE.
My Jabber Free Messenger Software - My Jabber Free Messenger Software - myJabber is your gateway to the world of dependable, easy to use, instant messaging and group conferencing. Lightweight, configurable and very user friendly, myJabber has quickly become the top choice of users everywhere. myJabber is based on the XMPP protocol. Designed for both the individual user and the business community, myJabber interacts with AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, plus it has the ability to create conference rooms and person-to-person text talk. As an IM client, it covers all the basics: customizable sound, contact lists and file transfers , myJabber to myJabber contacts are also fully secured with SSL encryption. Customized versions are available for business workgroups.. FREEWARE FILE.
ICQ Free Messenger Software - ICQ Free Messenger Software. ICQ is another long-established, tried and tested online messaging service which allows you to: Voice chat, video conferencing, instant messaging, text messaging, buddies lists, send and receive files and photos and more. ICQ - "I seek you". FREEWARE FILE.
AOL Instant Messenger Software - AOL Instant Messenger Software. Chat, video, voice and text online with AOL free software. Send and recieve files, play games online, share photos and more. FREEWARE FILE.
PalTalk Instant Messenging Software - PalTalk Instant Messenging Software - PalTalk is the next generation instant messenger integrating voice, video and file sharing into one neat package. Fast download and ease of use makes PalTalk the #1choice for internet savvy users. PalTalk Features: Unsurpassed audio quality. Live video conferencing (multi-view). Instant messenger with buddy list. Voice/Video E-mail. Vibrant Online Community. Works with AOL, Yahoo!, and MSN. All For FREE. Paltalk offers free voice and text chat. Also has a free telephone service where you can connect to any other Paltalk user with a microphone and soundcard. FREEWARE FILE.
Trillian IM client - Trillian IM client - The award-winning, multi-network Trillian IM client allows you to seamlessly integrate all of your communications traffic in a single, sleek package. Stay in touch with contacts spanning multiple networks and grab the latest news, stocks, and other information with a versatile array of plugins. FREEWARE FILE.
OnlineCall Freeware Chat Software - OnlineCall is a revolutionary, user-friendly, Internet program that tells you who's online at all times. No longer will you search in vain for friends & associates on the 'net. OnlineCall does the searching for you, alerting you in real time when friends or colleagues sign on. In addition, OnlineCall continually tells you which of your friends & colleagues are online. Communicate with your friends from now on with Video, Voice and Text. Additional Online Call functions: Net detector: See who of your friends is online. If a person in your Contacts list is offline, OnlineCall will notify you when the user returns online. Video: Hold private Video conversation/s with OnlineCall users you choose. Voice: Hold private Voice conversation with OnlineCall users you choose. Voice Mail: Send Voice Mails with OnlineCall to all your friends. Chat Private one-to-one: Have a private chat with a user on your list. Chat Groups Multichat: Have a chat with other people. Join already existing rooms or open new rooms. Birthday Reminder: Keep easily track on Birthday dates and automatically by reminded (1 week or 3 days or 1 day /you choose the time) ahead when they will be. You will never miss again a birthday from a friend or family. Message Centre: Keep track of your sent and received messages, sent and received add user requests, conversation requests, file transfers and conference invitations. E-Mail notification for future user: Send automatically an email to a friend, in the language you choose, and get notified when he goes online. Find New Friends: Very easily search the OnlineCall Online Users Directory and send a request for a chat to a user. Privacy / Security: Receive first a request from a new user before he can add you to his user list. You decide on who's user list you are ! You can also change (reject) an already given (accepted) permission, at any time. Hide your email address. Privacy / Block User: You can at anytime Block a User who sends you a message, so he can in future not reach you anymore. You have a separate list in which you can add users to the block user List and also remove them from there. E-Mail checker with different alert modes: check you email account automatically for new messages (individual settings like: time interval, sound alert, open automatically email client etc..). Online notification if new version is available: Get automatically informed when a new version with new futures is available. Send Message and URL to other User: Send directly to the screen of your friend a message or URL which he can answer or visit by just clicking ANSWER or GO. Send files: Exchange files with other users. Send and receive documents, pictures, software are any other file. Send Offline messages: Now you can send instant messages to OnlineCall users who are offline. Recipients are notified of the messages next time they log in. Status Mode's: You can choose between, Online / Offline / Privacy (Invisible) / Do Not Disturb / Away, status mode's which one should be shown to other users. MultiLanguage Version: English, German, French, Italian, Swedish: Change the user interface with one click to your preferred language. FREEWARE FILE.
Jabber Free Messenger Software - Jabber Free Messenger Software - Features the ability to communicate with the other major messenger services such as ICQ, MSN and Yahoo! All the usual messenger features are supported including Voice chat, video conferencing, instant messaging, text messaging, buddies lists, send and receive files and photos and more. FREEWARE FILE.
Moove Online 3D Messenger Software - Moove Online 3D Messenger Software. Create your very own personal 3D world on your PC - you alone decide what will happen in this world. Furnish your virtual 3D home - decorate it with your pictures and graphics - choose your very own personal 3D avatar. Dress up with new and unique outfits - chat - flirt - kiss - hug - dance - smile - and more... FREEWARE FILE.
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