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FreeWare Productivity SoftWare.

Listed on this page are links to FREEWARE Productivity Software Suppliers for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and NT4.x. Note that all the Software links here are to genuine FREEWARE Software Suppliers - not demos or shareware. If any of the links are broken or you know of an update, please let me know,

FREEWARE Windows System Tools Software

PS Hot Launch - PS Hot Launch is meant to quickly run different applications, open documents, go to the right folders and web pages, send mail to a specified address, etc. The above operations are carried out through the menu that can be called by clicking the program icon in the taskbar system tray, and also by pressing user assigned hot keys (support for the *Win* key significantly extends the number of possible combinations). The list of applications, documents, folders can be shown as a tree, that is you can divide everything that you want to run into logical groups that make it easier and quicker to find the tasks that you want now. This grouping will allow you to form a very handy structure of the executable commands. Using the structure, you can very quickly find and run something that you want now. PS Hot Launch is a perfect alternative to the Start menu and the Quick Launch panel. Main features: Quick launch of applications from the menu in the system tray; Quick launch of applications using hot keys; Logical grouping of commands; Using separators to make the menu handier; Quick and handy set-up using drag&drop. The program requires Win95 / 98 / ME or WinNT / 2000 / XP. FREEWARE FILE.
XP SysPad Launcher - XP SysPad is a launcher which makes access to Windows system utilities its specialty. All of the prime Windows system info and utilites such as the individual control panel applets, can be launched with the click of one button, which makes it easier than hunting around the explorer pane or waiting for menus to fold out. For convenience, it also can minimize itself to the system tray. It launches over 100 functions in all! The program is very small with a minute memory footprint, and makes no changes to your system registry whatsoever and comes with uninstaller. So, if for any reason you are unhappy with this program, just run the uninstaller. FREEWARE FILE.
RegSeeker - RegSeeker is a perfect companion for your Windows registry. RegSeeker includes a powerful registry cleaner and can display various informations like your startup entries, several histories (even index.dat files), installed applications and much more. With RegSeeker you can search for any item inside your registry, export/delete the results, open them in the registry. RegSeeker also includes a tweaks panel to optimize your OS. Now RegSeeker includes a file tool to search for duplicate files, bad shortcuts and more. RegSeeker is FREE for personal use only. FREEWARE FILE.
CPU Info - CPUInfo is a windows based program, which shows extensive information about the available processors. For this purpose the software searches different sources of a computer system especially for processor details and show them in a categorized style. Particularly the CPUID instruction is an important basis and available on later 486 processors. This instruction allows a clear identification and uncovers interesting details to the used processor. CPUInfo works under the operating systems Windows 9x/ME as well as Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 in any product families. By the very comprehensive data elevation and processing CPUInfo is interesting for everybody who want to know exactly which processor works in his system and which characteristics it has. For the ambitious user the displayed internal data show new positions with respect to the used processor. FREEWARE FILE.
PC WIZARD - PC WIZARD is a powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware, but also some more analysis. It's able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. This tool is periodically updated (usually once per month) in order to provide most accurate results. PC WIZARD 2004 is also an utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system. It can analyze and benchmark many kinds of hardware, such as CPU performance, Cache performance, RAM performance, Hard Disk performance, CD/DVD-ROM performance, Removable/FLASH Media performance. FREEWARE FILE.
MBM MotherBoard Monitor - Motherboard Monitor (MBM) is a tool that will display information from the sensor chip on your motherboard in your Windows system tray. MBM supports a wide range of Chipsets & Sensor Chip combinations. MBM is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and .NET. What does MBM do? It can sense temps from Cpu, HDD, GFx and Mobo. It does also sense Fan speeds. If it senses that your hardware is overheated it can protect it by Shutting it down (user configured). To see if MBM5 supports your hardware check out the Motherboard List It does also record all temps and fans for later viewing. This is a great implention if you want to overclock. Example to see how well cooled your computer runs over a time. Full load or idle time. Its recomended for all home built systems. Specially if you make your own HEAT SINKS or just test your newly OVERCLOCKED CPU or GFx Card. FREEWARE FILE.
BeClean - BeClean is the complete suite of system cleaner. It has Registry Cleaner, Internet Cleaner, History Cleaner, Temporary Files Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, Desktop Cleaner and Start Menu Cleaner. You can even create your own cleaner. FREEWARE FILE.
StatBar - StatBar is a freeware system status bar which provides a handy, orderly overview of your system's condition. StatBar comes with 6 different color schemes and 19 information modules, allowing you to monitor and control various aspects of your system. This includes memory, CPU and disk usages, system uptime, Winamp control, network throughput, Internet time synchronization, and more. It features a built-in update check as well, which can download and install the latest version for you. FREEWARE FILE.
A-Toolbar - A-Toolbar is a powerful freeware tool for your desktop. This ultimate internet and desktop tool brings you 45 useful tools in one program. A-ToolBar is freeware and has NO spyware or adware. For Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / NT / XP. General tools: Search throughout 40 different search engines at once, Web catalog, Latest news, Spam remover, Links manager, Applications manager, Language translator, Dictionary, Clipboard history, Agenda with world clock, Currency converter, Quotes (stock symbols)., SMS, Password keeper, Password revealer, Weather forecast, Memory defragmenter, Backup utility, Popup killer, Fill form, Horoscope, Love calculator, Dating calculator, Games. Network tools: Telnet SSH, Proxy, Ping, Trace, DNS lookup, Port scanner, Finger, WhoIs, IP2Geo. URL tools: Submit url, Url info, Link popularity, Position analysis, Keyword density. FREEWARE FILE.
Send To Toys - Send To Toys 2.21. Freeware Enhanchment of the Send To system menu. FREEWARE FILE.
FreeRAM XP Pro for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP - FreeRAM XP Pro for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP. FreeRAM XP Pro is a freeware application to free and defragment your computerís RAM (Random Access Memory). As you use your computer, open applications, surf the Internet, and navigate Windows, your systemís memory will usually decrease because some software do not use memory correctly or do not return all of it after it is done using it. FreeRAM XP Pro frees up this memory, thereby increasing system response time, stability, speed, and efficiency. As a result, FreeRAM XP Pro is recommended for almost anyone, from low memory systems to high memory systems, from home office users to MP3ers to 3-D gamers. FREEWARE FILE.
XPME for Windows XP (Home or Pro) - XPME for Windows XP (Home or Pro): Most older programs work as well in Windows XP as in the operating system for which they were first created. Unfortunately, they do usually look dated compared to their designed-for-XP rivals. Happily, XPME can give these programs a minor facelift that lets them use XP-style buttons and other controls. It does this by grafting on a special resource (the common controls manifest). The beauty of this procedure is that it is entirely reversible, and a "doctored" application will still run fine on older operating systems with its original appearance. FREEWARE FILE.
TimeClock for Windows - Time Clock is a utility which can start applications at certain times. For example, it is possible to run a virus scanner every two weeks at the startup of your computer. And when the virus scanner is finished a defragmentation utility can be run automatically. Features: Alarm tasks, you can not only run application with Time Clock, but also reminders can be scheduled. Wave-files can be attached to these alarms. Snooze function. Postpone the execution of application or reminds an alarm with an user definable time interval. Auto close, it is possible with a command line option to let Time Clock close itself automatically when there aren't any tasks waiting. This will free the memory Time Clock is uses. Closing applications automatically after a specific time period. Time Clock is designed for Windows95 and Windows98.
ClipBoard Magic - Beef Up Your Windows Clipboard with Clipboard Magic! Features: entirely FREE! vastly improves your productivity when cutting and pasting repetitive text. stores a single character to several pages of text. store as many items as you want. copies an item back to the Clipboard with a click of the mouse. series paste and relative row paste hotkeys. text drag and drop. can turn off archiving. save clip lists to external files for easy loading later. allows clip editing. allows manual clip adding. allows clip sorting. fast and unobtrusive. runs in Windows System tray. stay on top option. auto start option. start minimized option. imports text files. auto loading of clip files. runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT.
EzyRegSet Windows Tune Up Software - Windows 95, Windows 98 - EzyRegSet is a program that will allow you to change MANY "Hidden" Windows95/98 Settings. Alter BootUp Drives/Locations/System Locations/Various Windows Desktop features/Windows Identification. Use with caution and read the help files.
Xteq Systems X-Setup - Xteq Systems X-Setup is a so-called "hacker" or "tweaker" program. It allows you to change settings that are normally hidden deeply in some configuration-files (like the registry) fast and easily. Covers and works on all available Windows 32-bit platforms: Windows 95, Windows 98 (SE), Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows ME. More than 500 hidden functions can be controlled with some simple button clicks (e.g. Windows, Internet Explorer, Instant Messaging, Office, Explorer appearance, Server options, Network settings, Security...).
Tweaker - Tweaker is a utility that can customize several Windows settings that you can't control anywhere else. Tweaker is more for the "power users" out there who want more control on Windows settings -- to be able to change things that Windows just doesn't have a spot to change them in. Some things you can change withTweaker include the double-click sensitivity, the default menu alignment, making a window show its contents while dragging, making Windows use 256-color icons (even without Plus!), making your Windows 98/NT Start menu look like Win 95's (split into colums, don't scoll), whether or not to beep on errors, window animations (to do or not to do), several Internet Explorer and Outlook Express options, and the "menu show delay" -- the amount of milliseconds before a cascading menu item pops out (like on the Start menu). Tweaker can also change many Windows system icons -- such as the icons it uses for folders, Control Panel, and the Start menu "Program" folders. Additionally, Tweaker allows you to remove items from the Start menu you don't want (or want others to access), such as "Programs," "Favorites," "Run," "Shut Down," "Documents," and more -- and it allows you to restrict access to Control Panel as a whole, or to certain individial icons, as well as part (or all) of the "Display" icon of Control Panel. Registry editing via regeidt can aslo be disabled, as well as many other things.
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