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Links to Search Engine Positioning and Search Engine Promotion Information and FREEWARE Software for download on this page. FREEWARE programmes to enhance your search engine position and search engine promotion and placement. Also tools to check your search engine position in the top engines. Meta Tag generators listed here. All the programmes available for download are FREEWARE - no demos or shareware.
There are also links to FREE Search Engine submission services. If you know of any other FREEWARE search engine promotion or FREEWARE search engine positioning software, please let me know and I will review and list it,
1st Freeware Directory

The 1st Freeware Directory is used to update many freestuff and freeware site including, The Freestuffer, HsInlin.Com,, UKFreebies.Com, FreewareGamer.Com, Egnu.Com and many more! - Get your site listed!

Click here to add your freeware or freestuff resource to the 1st Freeware Directory. The 1st Freeware Directory is used to update several free stuff and freeware sites including The Freestuffer.
Go get the Free Stuff and Freebies! FreeStuffer.  ClickThru Network FREE Traffic Generator for WebMasters - also excellent surfing tool. Worth a look. I am getting 20-30 extra hits a day from this service as a result of my own web browsing. You also get credits for your surfing that you can spend on MP3 music and Shareware Games. Go to ClickThru Network to check it out.
AdaURL FREEWARE Search Engine Submission Software - Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.x - AdaURL is a FREE web page submission tool, which can submit your URL to the major search engines in seconds. Promote your website for free.
This is useful search engine promotion software - I use it here at the FreeStuffer.
GNet Search Engine Submission System FREE Software - Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000 - The GNet Search Engine Submission System for Windows is a 100% free search engine submission program, which runs as an interface on top of the GNet-site ( It allows submission of sites to over 175 search engines (not web directories or Free For All lists, but TRUE search engines !).
Agent Web Ranking Freeware Search Engine Positioning Software - Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.x - With AgentWebRanking FREEWARE, web site owners can determine at a glance their site's position on the top internet search engines. It also informs web site owners of how they compare with competitors' web sites. AgentWebRanking FREEWARE simultaneously searches all of the top engines, including Yahoo, Excite, Alta Vista, Infoseek, and others, for strategic keywords describing a web site. Results are summarized in an easy-to-read format, with details showing how well a site is positioned within each search engine. The most important thing in internet commerce is Position! Improving a site’s position within a search engine means more hits and more revenue. Improving position in several engines means gaining an edge over competitors. AgentWebRanking Freeware is a "must" for anyone who wants to increase traffic to their site, improving revenues and outsmarting their competitors.

Search Engine Stuff

IXQUICK Top Searches - Top 100 Search Terms, top 1000 search terms, top 10,000 search terms.
Current Excite searches - Interesting if you want to see what searchers are looking for right now. Search engine data is updated in real time on this page to show you what people are searching for on the Excite search engine.
AltaVista Real Searches - Searches being conducted in real time on the AltaVista Search Engine.
Ask Jeeves Peek - Take a peek at the searches that Ask Jeeves users are amking right now.
Top 50 Lycos Searches - This useful page lists the top 50 searches for the previous week on the Lycos Search Engine. Some expected searches stay top of the search engine list for weeks, like Britney Spears and Kazaa. Others are a bit of a surprise - check this search engine tool at Lycos for yourself.
MetaSpy - Gives you results from several of the top search engines. Also lets you choose between a filtered and non-filtered (grown-up) version. Pages currently refresh every 15 seconds so you can relax and just watch what everyone is searching for on the World Wide Web Search Engines.
Google Zeitgeist - Google Zeitgeist - Search patterns, trends, tidbits, and surprises according to Google. Updated on a weekly (and sometimes daily basis) this page shows declining and ascending trends in the Google Search Engine searches, plus other information from the Google search statistics.

Go here for The Google Zeitgeist Archive.
Yahoo Buzz Index - The Yahoo Buzz Index shows current searches and movers up and down.

Search Engine Tools, Search Engine Promotion, Search Engine Positioning.

Go get the Free Stuff and Freebies! FreeStuffer. A useful resource for WebMasters and Home Page owners. Lots of animated gifs and graphics, including buttons and bars. (We use them here). FREE for non-commercial use. Exactly what it says - you promote yourself from this site. Lots of useful information here. Worth spending some time browsing the articles and tips.
Submit Express - Submit your website to 40 search engines for FREE!
Microsoft BCentral Free Search Engine Submit This is the free submission page at BCENTRAL. Submit your site with one click to Google, HotBot, All The Web, WebCrawler.
NowSell - Good web site promotion site - online tools include - meta tag maker, search engine positioning agent, multi url submit, site health check. All are free and there is some good advice on the site.
Jims Tools Free Tools for Webmasters.
Submit Away Search Engine Promotion and positioning resource giving comprehensive listing of FREE web site promotion sites.
Spam Free FFA Links A useful list (over 200) of web sites that have "spam free" FFA links pages. You do not need to supply an email address to list on these sites.
Promotion Quest Excellent and comprehensive listing of Search Engine Promotion and Search Engine Positioning Resources.
Add Me Excellent FREE web site promotion tool. Submits to 30 of the top search engines. Requires a link or button on your site.
Submit Shack Submit Shack is an online promotion tool. With it you can submit your Web-Site to many many search engines by just clicking one button... The submission process is split up into 4 parts.... Enter your information only once and press the button and you will automatically get submitted to all the search engines in the list.
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